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Brain & Creativity

Brain & Creativity


Sharing ideas with others, for example, when participating in a brainstorming session can be an excellent way to stimulate creativity, as long as we follow the rules to let everyone freely express their ideas and originality. Read the post A good brainstorming should start in silence, offering a process to put the odds in your favour, to get more and better ideas.

The practice of 'official' brainstorming was popularized by the American Alex F. Osborn, who was frustrated by the inability of his employees to find creative ideas for their clients' advertising campaigns. He developed a method, which he described for the first time, in a book published in 1948, Your Creative Power. The interest and the results encouraged him to pursue and deepen the method in a second book, published five years later, Applied Imagination. Thus brainstorming method is not a recent method for generating ideas. Nevertheless, this approach is increasingly popular and useful in many fields.

There are many techniques to stimulate creative thinking, among them, you have classical brainstorming as presented below:

Brain & Creativity ,  A good match  by Sylvie Gendreau, Slow down to leap

Brain & Creativity, A good match by Sylvie Gendreau, Slow down to leap

It can also be helpful to remember some basic rules for a successful brainstorming session. Personally, I prefer to divide in smaller groups of five people, others prefer larger groups. 

What happens in our brain
during a brainstorming session?

Magnetic resonance imaging studies were conducted in Austria during brainstorming sessions. The results show an increase in brain activity in different areas: the temporoparietal, the junction of the right hemisphere, the prefrontal cortex, and the posterior cortex Sinhalese.

These areas of the brain are important in the understanding of language, memory and attention. Cognitive stimulations boost the processes of attention and understanding, beginning with observation and up towards the semantic sphere.

Another study conducted in the Netherlands shows that divergent thinking which is the basis of brainstorming, scientifically increases the degree of connectivity in the adolescent brain with a lasting effect even when the brain is resting.

Creativity is not the prerogative of a few individuals who are born with creative flair. Stimulation techniques such as brainstorming work. We can increase our creativity, just as practicing a sport. The effects of this training on the brain are now confirmed scientifically even if we do not yet understand all the mechanisms involved. 


Prepare your next brainstorming session and let me know if this was useful. You can also read the posts, As many ideas as possible.

Download your interactive tool with tips to improve your next brainstorming.


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