Hello, my name is Sylvie Gendreau. I am one of the co-founders of The New School of Creativity.

Photo : Pierre Guité

Photo : Pierre Guité

I am  a Writer (City of intelligences, School of Desires, Le rêve que j'habite + novels), a Blogger (Le Laboratoire créatif, Conversations sur l'art and Slow down to leap), a Podcaster (They make me smarter, Le monde des idées). I ALSO HAVE A CHRONICLE ON THE CONVERSATION FRANCE.

I'm a catalyst, I advise CEOS, MANAGERS and entrepreneurs oN LEADERSHIp-strategic planning and INNOVATION.

I lead creative labs with different communities in Europe and North America.

I teach creativity and innovation, AMONG OTHERS, to the PhD candidates at Polytechnique School of Montreal. 

Photo : Gabriela de Toledo

Photo : Gabriela de Toledo

Some recent comments from my students:

Your class was one the best experience during my education. 
— Ali Fazil, Phd candidate, Electrical Engineering, June 2017
Thank you so much Sylvie Gendreau you gave us an outstanding course, showing us how to build a magic world of imagination and creativity; I think I will benefit from this course for a long time.
— Yang Li, Phd candidate, Chemical engineering, June 2017 
Thank you so much. This is the most interesting course I have ever taken.
—Wei Huang, Phd candidate, Mechanical Engineering, June 2017 
We all would like to thank you Prof. Sylvie Gendreau for making this course such a wonderful learning experience for us through your unique and innovative teaching method.
—Mohammed Zia Ullah Khan, Phd candidate, Engineering Physics, June 2017
It was an interesting workshop. That will push my research for the best.
—Abderrazak Moutassim, PhD candidates, Applied Mathematics, June 2017

I really appreciate what you've done for us. The website is so nice and interesting, and I learn a lot through the course.

—Le Li, PhD candidate, Mining Engineering, June 2017 

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what do you want to learn?
What do you want to know?
What do you want to do?

Welcome to my blog,
Slow down to Leap

I blog about topics that can help you to be more creative from self-awareness, good habits, best methods, and the lastest discoveries in neuroscience and technology...  We are living in an extraordinary time, we can learn from anywhere, anytime as never before. We can expand our imagination and brain and make innovative things happen.

I blog to inspire members of The New School of Creativity to learn how to make creative breakthroughs. If you are looking to improve your life, develop new skills, and take up new challenges up, create a new business or improve the one you have, this blog will be invaluable for you as will the courses of The New School of Creativity.

My hope is that you appreciate the creative journey! Do not hesitate to write to me if you want me to write on a specific topic, or if you have a problem that concerns you. I'm here to help!

Feel free to leave a comment,or let's connect on social media!

I'm pleased to welcome you to Slow down to leap, the blog of The New School of Creativity, a tool box for your imagination.

Ever since I was little, I have been a daydreamer. I cannot tell you exactly why. It was just there. So easy. So accessible. Each day, it happened naturally. The sky, a tree, a color pencil, a smile... one of these could become a magic door to enter into wonderful worlds. 

Creativity and collective intelligence have been two of my allies for quite a while. Happily for me and my parents, I became more serious when I fell in love with a new discipline: COMMUNICATION. It was like a tidal wave in my life. The communication discipline was new, inspired by, among others, the School of Palo Alto, Gregory Bateson and Paul Watzlawick. I immediately saw the opportunity to resolve several human and social problems. This passion for communication and creativity has never wavered. I have run my own communications company in Montreal, the city where I was born, for over twenty years. I have conducted numerous innovation projects in North America and Europe for communities, small companies and multinational corporations. The goal I pursue is still the same: if we can learn how to communicate, understand each other, co-create and live together, we will contribute to a better and smarter world.


Photo : Pierre Guité

Photo : Pierre Guité

Photo :  Haniyeh Hosseini

How I teach

I enjoy developing new learning experiences with the lastest techniques and methods. I explore new ways of teaching, sometimes walking in cities to help the participants to keep an open mind, to develop their curiosity and to stimulate their creativity.

We all need to channel our creative impulses to imagine new ways to improve our lives and our communities. Nowadays, everyone needs to be knowledgeable in these matters called competencies of the 21st Century.

All my courses are based on knowledge on emotional intelligence and neuroscience.  

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